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PREVIEW-Psych (PREVIEW-Psych FamilyProblem-based Learning in Virtual Interactive Educational Worlds for Psychology) is a collaboration between University of Derby, Aston University, Coventry University and the Higher Education Academy-Psychology Network. The PREVIEW-Psych project is supported by funding from JISC.

We are transferring problem-based learning techniques and technologies from the PREVIEW project for the Psychology subject group. The project is developing Psychology scenarios and ‘intelligent avatar’ technology within the virtual world Second Life. The research has recently (Q3, 2010) been expanded to include a new project called PREVIEW-Sustain, using problem-based learning in Second Life for education for sustainable development (ESD) supported by funding from the Higher Education Academy.

If you are an academic or technician wanting to find out more about how to use Second Life for teaching Psychology or a related subject please access our Quick Start page. Click the News link for updates. All of our developed materials are free to share amongst the teaching community and we encourage active open learning for all.

Here is the main project site where it is possible to see the virtual family house. This is just part of the virtual build where students take part in problem-based learning for Psychology.

Here is the Information area on the project site. You can get here by installing Second Life and following this link.

The PREVIEW-Sustain Project

In an expansion to the PREVIEW-Psych project with Rosemary Horry (University of Derby) and with generous funding from the Higher Education Academy, we are using the virtual reality platform Second Life to gauge people’s unconscious attitudes towards ‘green’ issues such as recycling. This video outlines the PREVIEW-Sustain project. There’s more information about the project here and a link to information about this project here.