Second Life ‘Quick Start’

Second Life ‘Quick Start’ for Academics

If you are an academic that is teaching Psychology or technician and are interested in using the virtual world Second Life you may find the following information helpful in getting started. We’d recommend taking these steps to acquaint yourself to using problem-based learning and other teaching techniques in the virtual world.

1) Download and read our 40 page ‘Best Practices in Virtual Worlds Teaching’ Guide. Download here: here (.pdf 2.5mb).

2) Establish what you would like to achieve in virtual world teaching. This may take some time and you may first want to do some finding out about what is possible or realistic using virtual worlds for teaching. We recommend a problem-based learning approach for undergraduate Psychology teaching.

3) If you haven’t already set up Second Life you’ll need to spend about 20 minutes doing this to begin. The process is straight forward. First register an avatar account with Second Life then download and install the client on your PC or Mac. Register here.

4) Visit the PREVIEW-Psych Quick Start area and find out more about teaching Psychology and other subjects in virtual worlds. Click this link after you have Second Life installed on your computer to ‘teleport’ to the PREVIEW-Psych project. Teleport here.

4) Please contact one of the project team ‘in-world’ or by email if you need further information or join our Second Life message group ‘PREVIEW-Psych’ for the latest updates and news.