Project Team

Simon Bignell (Lecturer in Psychology – University of Derby) – Principal Researcher (PREVIEW-Psych & PREVIEW-Sustain)
email:, Telephone:+44 (0)1332 593043.

Vanessa Parson (Lecturer in Psychology – University of Sunderland) – Lead Researcher (PREVIEW-Psych)
email:, Telephone: +44 (0)191 5152616

Rosemary Horry (Senior Lecturer in Environmental Management – University of Derby) – Lead Researcher (PREVIEW-Sustain)
email:, Telephone: +44 (0)1332 591738.

Project Associates

Jon Wood (University of Aston) – Project Technologist (PREVIEW-Psych)

Ian Halsworth (University of Derby) – Project Technologist (PREVIEW-Psych)

Tom Simpson (Higher Education Academy Psychology Network) – Project Administrator (PREVIEW-Psych)

Maggi Savin-Baden (University of Coventry) – Associate (PREVIEW-Psych)

Daden Ltd – Consultants

Project Affiliate Institutions

The Higher Education Academy Psychology Network

University of Derby

University of Sunderland

Aston University

University of Coventry