PREVIEW-Sustain Project

2010: Problem-based Learning in Virtual Interactive Educational Worlds for Sustainable Development (PREVIEW-Sustain)

In an expansion to the PREVIEW-Psych project Simon Bignell and Rosemary Horry (University of Derby) with generous funding from the Higher Education Academy, are using the virtual reality platform Second Life to gauge people’s unconscious attitudes towards ‘green’ issues such as recycling. This video outlines the project. There’s also a link here to more information about the project and a news article here.

More information from the Higher Education Academy can be found at their site here.


The University of Derby, with the Higher Education Academy’s Psychology Network, have completed a JISC-funded project developing immersive collaborative tutorials and materials in the 3D online virtual world Second Life. The current project will reuse and transfer these proven teaching methods to introduce the sustainability agenda to academic staff and students across two university subject groups using customised problem-based scenarios. Project holders will construct a series of learning scenarios for staff and students that highlight the motivational and behavioural factors that impact on sustainability (e.g., resources, recycling and energy efficiency). All of the materials will be made available to the wider teaching community.